ECE 496/590: Wearable and Ubiquitous Computing Systems Design — Spring 2020

Class meeting time and location: TTh 11:45–1:00, Hudson Hall 232

Superheroes Wearables

Instructor: Dr. Rabih Younes
Duke e-mail: rabih.younes
Office: Hudson Hall 204
Office phone: 660-5051
Office hours: by appointment (link to make appointments posted on Sakai)
To provide anonymous feedback about anything related to the course, please follow this link (password posted on Sakai).

TA: Shuyang Dai (sd301)

Course Description

In this course, students design, implement, and evaluate wearable and ubiquitous computing systems while learning about the fundamentals and pertinent research in the field. Topics considered include challenges and constraints in wearable and ubiquitous computing, input/output devices, human-computer interaction, embedded systems, prototyping, machine learning with focus on activity and affect recognition, applications with focus on healthcare, ethics, and social impact. This course also covers project management and planning as students work on a semester-long team-based multidisciplinary project. Prerequisites: ECE 350L or ECE 550D. Instructor: Younes. One course.

Learning Objectives

Having successfully completed this course, the student should be able to:

Textbook and Other Course Material

No textbook is required for this course. All material will be posted on Sakai. I will always try to have slides posted before class time so that you can take notes on them if you would like to.

Grading Policy (ECE 496|590)

Important Notes

All announcements are posted on Piazza. Make sure you can receive Piazza email notifications.

We can only grade what we receive. Always check what you are submitting and make sure you submit the right files.

We will ues the Scrum framework throughout the project. You should use tools (of your choosing) that can keep track of your individual progress to facilitate documentation and grading.


Detailed Schedule

Week Date Topic Due
1 Thu 1/9 Syllabus
2 Tue 1/14 Intro to UbiComp + Prototyping
2 Thu 1/16 Agile Project Management with Scrum + NABC Presentation topic preferences
3 Tue 1/21 Brief History of UbiComp + HCI/UCD Paper review
3 Thu 1/23 Project-Related Work Project proposal
4 Tue 1/28 Intro to Embedded Systems and Making (Guest Lecture by Dr. Tyler Bletsch — ECE dept., Duke University)
4 Thu 1/30 Project-Related Work Project weekly progress report
5 Tue 2/4 Challenges and Constraints in Wearables Design Paper review
5 Thu 2/6 Project-Related Work Project weekly progress report
6 Tue 2/11 Wearable Input/Output Technologies Paper review
6 Thu 2/13 Project-Related Work Project weekly progress report
7 Tue 2/18 UbiComp Sensing Paper review
7 Thu 2/20 Project-Related Work Project weekly progress report
8 Tue 2/25 Design Tradeoffs in Wearable Devices (Guest Lecture by Chris Koszarsky — Director of Engineering, Garmin International)
8 Thu 2/27 Project-Related Work Project weekly progress report
9 Tue 3/3 Mid-Semester Project Presentations Mid-semester project presentation
9 Thu 3/5 Project-Related Work Project weekly progress report
10 Tue 3/10 NO CLASS (Spring Recess)
10 Thu 3/12 NO CLASS (Spring Recess)
11 Tue 3/17 Recorded Session: Introduction to Machine Learning (Guest/TA Lecture by Shuyang Dai — ECE dept., Duke University)
11 Thu 3/19 NO CLASS (Extended Spring Recess due to COVID-19)
12 Tue 3/24 Context Awareness Paper review
12 Thu 3/26 Project-Related Work Project weekly progress report
13 Tue 3/31 UbiComp & Healthcare Paper review + Research paper proposal (grad students only)
13 Thu 4/2 Project-Related Work Project weekly progress report
14 Tue 4/7 UbiComp & Society
14 Thu 4/9 Project-Related Work Project weekly progress report
15 Tue 4/14 Project Final Presentations & Demos Project presentation & demo
15 Thu 4/16 NO CLASS
16 Tue 4/21 NO CLASS Project report
17 Wed 4/29 NO FINAL EXAM Research paper (grad students only)

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